Current report no. 105/2021 (12:34 p.m.)

Signing of a significant Annex with the value of PLN 25.8 million net to the Contract for construction, extension and reconstruction of the SOFRA medical and hotel service building in Mielno. The total value of the Contract after the conclusion of the above-mentioned Annex amounts to PLN 51.7 million net.

Legal basis:
Article 17(1) MAR - confidential information.

Report content:
The Management Board of ERBUD S.A. (the Issuer) hereby announces that on 22-12-2021 it concluded a significant Annex to the Contract for construction works with a net value of PLN 25.8 million on the conditions specified below:

CONTRACT: Construction, extension and redevelopment of the SOFRA medical-hotel service building
INVESTOR: Health Institute SOFRA Limited liability company
COMPLETION TIME: 30 April 2023
AREA m²: 17,915 m2 of newly constructed buildings (subject matter of the Contract)
SCOPE OF WORK: The Contract concluded on 29.12.2020 originally assumed ordering shell works of the high building of the said Investment. As part of the ongoing discussions, the Investor in subsequent packages to the Contractor ordered works of the shell of the connecting building, supply and installation of external window frames, package of sanitary installations including HVAC, electrical and teletechnical installations, roofing.
VALUE IN PLN MILLION: on 22.12.2021 an Annex was signed by the Parties with the net value of 25,783,918.71 which results in the total net value of the Contract: 51,732,516.12
- lump-sum remuneration
PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: 2 Chełmońskiego Street, Mielno
PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: 5 % of the net contractual remuneration
GUARANTEE FOR REPAIR OF DEFECTS AND FAULTS: 2.5 % of the net contractual remuneration
failure to meet contractual deadlines - 0.1% of net contractual remuneration for each day of delay
for withdrawal from the Contract - 10% of the net contractual remuneration (Contractor or Employer)
failure to remove defects/faults reported by the Employer - 0.05% of the contractual remuneration net for each day of delay in the case of defects preventing the use of the subject matter of the Contract
failure to remove defects/defects notified by the Employer - 0.03% of the contractual remuneration net for each day of delay in the case of other defects
PENALTIES LIMIT: 10% of net contractual remuneration
GUARANTEE PERIODS: roofing - 120 months, 60 months for other works, and equipment according to manufacturer’s warranty - not less than 24 months
Szczecin Branch
Segment: hotel and medical service building

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