Sustainable development

statement 2021


EMAS Certificate

We are the first Polish construction company that received EMAS Certificate – Eco Management and Audit Scheme. It is the industry's most important environmental certification, Oscar Award in the field of ecology!
Every institution and enterprise, which will be in this elite group, raises its prestige and gains many benefits. At present, there are about 3200 entities in the EU EMAS Register. We became a part of truly illustious group!

Verified environmental management system
Registration number: PL 2.14-008-91

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If I had to choose the building which gave me the greatest satisfaction, I think it would be a zero-waste incineration plant in Konin. The first such facility in Poland. I'm really proud of it.

Dariusz Grzeszczak, "If we want to breathe fresh air, there is only one way", Gazeta Wyborcza, 29th March.2021.

Big changes start with small steps!

Our employees bring to the organization not only their sensitivity to the world around us, but also real deeds. Activities for the benefit of the local community is our duty but also a pleasure. Teams from our branches, all over Poland, engage in pro-ecological actions; sow flower meadows, set up birdhouses in the vicinity of implemented investments, build insect hotels, put hivestake and take care of education and entertainment of the youngest neighbors − students of local schools and kindergartens.

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Green Buildings

We build in a sustainable, ecological and economical way, respecting the environment, a part of which we are. We introduce green solutions and environmental certification of buildings (Leed and BREEAM). We focus on energy efficiency, make sure that our approach to design, construction and operation of the building was in balance between environmental, economic and social factors.

Wood becomes trendy, and concrete will be used less and less. I like the illustrative example and analogy to the automotive industry: once exhaust fumes and diesels, and now electric cars. Soon, a similar change will take place in the construction industry.

Radosław Górski, Board Member of ERBUD S.A.,
an interview for, May 2021.


Our activity is related to direct and indirect environmental impacts. We regularly identify and evaluate all these aspects, set our goals and implement them as a part of "Environmental Programs".


resulting from the activities of the organization


i.e. those on which the organization has an indirect influence under cooperation with other organizations

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In accordance with our policy, every person in the structure of our organization, by hierarchy, is co-responsible for environmental matters.This structure was designed in this way in order to ensure effective use of knowledge and experience of each employee − while ensuring a clear division of tasks, competence and responsibility. Environmental management system is based on PDCA cycle, i.e. a constant improvement model, including stages: planning, execution, check and operation.

environmental reviews

systematic training of employees

identification of potential opportunities and risks for the environment

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We make money but − and here, I apologize for my pathos, but I am long in the tooth and it really is more important to me – we contribute to the fact so that the next generations can breathe fresh air. Passing each ready-made wind farm to the investor, I am proud that we have played a part in it.

Dariusz Grzeszczak, "How to build ecologically?",
Inn:Poland, March 2021