Erbud breaks more records!

This is ERBUD’s next adventure with internet content creators. This time the company decided to engage Wojtek the “Record Breaker” Sobierajski, who travels all over Poland and breaks new records with the brand’s employees. That’s how the new series – ERBUD CHALLENGE – was created, which can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Erbud – as the first in the industry – decided to work with internet content creators two years ago. The result was a seven-episode video series with the authors of the Urbex History channel, in which the creators were guides at the company’s most important construction sites. The series recorded a total of more than half a million views, making ERBUD Group’s channel the most popular in the construction industry.

Now Erbud has gone one step further and decided to... activate the employees themselves. This is how the idea of creating ERBUD CHALLENGE came about, a series of episodes in which employees take on sporting challenges while overcoming their own weaknesses and breaking their own records. Wojciech Sobierajski, better known to the wider public as the Record Breaker, became the ambassador of the entire campaign. Wojtek is a finalist in the Ninja Warrior Poland program as well as a YouTuber who, for instance, decided to climb the summit of Kilimanjaro barefoot and complete a race in the Ironmen series with an extra load of 50 kg.


– We are a cool company with cool people and we want to show that. We believe in the video format, which is why we have already bet years ago on modern communication, which is part of our broad employer branding strategy. We are fighting for the best employees, and this fight is getting more and more difficult, especially since the generations from the demographic low are about to enter the market. I firmly believe that such a series that shows real people with passion and energy will make more people want to join us and break more records with us. I’d love to beat some myself, but not necessarily by getting into icy water, - jokes Dariusz Grzeszczak, president of ERBUD Group.

The premiere episode of the series has already appeared on the brand’s youtube channel. Erbud employees decided with Wojtek to swim in ice water near Karpacz in the Podgórna Waterfall – the third (!) highest waterfall in the Polish part of the Karkonosze Mountains. However, the team of ERBUD ice swimmers took up the challenge, split into two competing teams and... the result of the challenge can be seen below:

The purpose of the ERBUD CHALLENGE series is to build brand awareness, but also to present the company’s employees from a slightly different side. Thanks to the videos featuring the Record Breaker, a wider audience, not only from the construction industry, will be able to learn about the nonprofessional passions of Erbud people and cheer them on as they break through more barriers.

ERBUD has been successfully implementing campaigns to promote the company as an attractive employer for several years. In 2021, it made its esports debut, garnering a barrage of awards for its “Fight for Koszyki Hall” campaign, with a gold Effie Award in the “PR/Employer Branding” category at the top. It also intensively encourages women to work in the construction industry – the booklet “Klara buduje” [Klara builds], published with the ERBUD Foundation, has become a bestseller, and for its series of construction workshops for girls “Młode MajstERki” [Young Handywomen] at the Copernicus Science Center, the company received two Golden Clips and the ESG Innovator awarded by the Polish ESG Association. In 2022, ERBUD was one of only six Polish companies to make it to the prestigious list of the world’s best employers compiled based on a survey by the Statis Institute conducted for the American magazine Forbes. .