ERBUD Group Announces Multi-Year ESG Strategy – “Building Responsibly”

Achieving climate neutrality in terms of indirect emissions by 2030, a 20 per cent share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2025 and business development focused on sustainable investments - these are the plans contained in ERBUD Group’s ESG strategy. In terms of the environmental aspect, the construction tycoon wishes to remain the leader of the green transformation in Poland, setting trends for the entire industry.

The ESG strategy “Building responsibly” is a comprehensive document regulating the approach of a leading Polish construction group to sustainable development. It is consistent with ERBUD’s business strategy, the foundations of which have for years been innovation, responsibility and safety.

– “Building responsibly” is a continuation of previous activities and our compass for the coming years. The document outlines ambitious directions for development and responds to how the world, the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders, as well as ERBUD itself, are evolving. We always begin with ourselves - by building one of the most modern production facilities for wooden modules in Europe or increasing the share of electricity generated from RES through the construction of wind farms - we are able to transform the world. I am convinced that the implementation of the strategy will consolidate our position as a leading player in the construction market and, concurrently, will help the company achieve a better valuation and be attractive to investors – states Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of ERBUD S.A.

For years, ERBUD has been investing and developing a sustainable business. This year, the company successfully maintained its entry in the EMAS register, which is the highest environmental accreditation in the European Union. Progressively, through its subsidiary ONDE, it is building up its RES portfolio - increasing its own investments as an investor. In November 2022, the wooden module factory - MOD21 - will be officially opened in Ostaszewo near Toruń. The production of the modules is carbon negative and will offset emissions in ERBUD’s other fields of activity, the production facility itself will be fully sustainable.

– ESG is a catalyst for growth, increasing the value of investments and a tool to develop trust among our stakeholders, employees and customers. All three areas: E (environment), S (social responsibility), G (corporate governance) - have been assigned specific and fully measurable activities that we have a real impact on and that are relevant to our business segment - the construction industry – explains Klara Zamłyńska, ERBUD's ESG Coordinator.

Under the ESG strategy, Poland’s leading construction group will focus on, among other things: reducing emissions, recovering waste, developing a circular economy, protecting biodiversity and complying with taxonomy (environment). Within the area of social responsibility, ERBUD’s activities will be aimed at improving safety, managing the staff gap, employee development, and community involvement, also through a mentoring programme developed within the ERBUD Foundation. Meanwhile, in corporate governance, ERBUD will focus on implementing a compliance system in all group companies, as well as following the best practices of listed companies.

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