ERBUD Group got on the bikes and made over PLN 90,000

Almost 100 participants and over 9,000 kilometers – these are the statistics of the first edition of the Tour de Erbud. In a unique cycling event under the patronage of the leading Polish construction group and the ERBUD Foundation, each kilometer traveled was worth PLN 10. The total sum raised was PLN 91,195 and it went to the account of the ERBUD Foundation.

On August 27, 2022, nearly 100 employees of the ERBUD Group, aged 24 to 68, got on their bikes and set off on a route from Toruń to Warsaw. One of the Tour de Erbud participants was Dariusz Grzeszczak, the chairman of a construction giant, who traveled 100 kilometers. “I am glad that I could contribute to this amazing result. We drove a total of over 9 thousand kilometers; this is a really great result. In a straight line, it is the distance from Warsaw to Jamaica. Tour de Erbud is a unique event that perfectly reflects the nature of our organization: ecology, competition, solidarity. I feel great pride and satisfaction that such great people make up the company. I have a feeling bordering on the certainty that Tour de Erbud will remain in the calendar of our Group’s events, and in the next edition we will try to break this year's record”, announced Dariusz Grzeszczak.

Tour de Erbud was divided into sections, participants could choose loops of various lengths around Toruń or Warsaw, or cover the entire symbolic route from the company's first seat to the current one. 16 people who traveled over 240 km in total did this feat. The safety of each participant was supervised by trainers from the Triathlon Forge.

“I organize various tours of professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts and tourists. For groups of friends, but also for companies. This one was special for me, because a year ago, when the Tour de Erbud idea was born, we planned the event for 30 people. Suddenly, there was a hundred at the start, almost everyone covered the declared distance and the atmosphere was amazing. There is strength in this company!“ says Rafał Ringniak, owner of the Triathlon Forge, who led the group from Toruń to Warsaw.

This year's Tour de Erbud was attended by employees of 10 companies that are part of the ERBUD Group. For each kilometer driven, the company in which the participant works will pay PLN 10 to the ERBUD Foundation. “I am very impressed with the result and the effort of the employees of the ERBUD Group. They showed that they have a lot of energy and are ready to help. Each calorie burned and each kilometer traveled had a real value. And although each of the participants rode independently, the final result of the Tour de Erbud – over 9,000 kilometers – shows the power of teamwork, that the slogan "together we can do more" is not empty words”, emphasizes Lucyna Grzeszczak, chairwoman of the ERBUD Foundation.

Tour de Erbud is collaboration between a leading Polish construction group and the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation. In April 2022, a unique book hit the market. Klara Builds by Jakub Skworz, beautifully illustrated by Paulina Derecka, is a universal story about building not only buildings, but also relationships and self-confidence. The book was published under the patronage of Wysokie Obcasy (magazine published by Agora). There is also a Ukrainian translation of the book. The first edition sold out in the first week.

The essence of the activities of the ERBUD Foundation is helping young people in a difficult life situation who, on the threshold of adulthood, face a number of problems related to becoming self-sufficient. The Foundation provides care mainly to children from orphanages. The assistance is provided in the form of the Foundation's proprietary programs.