ERBUD Group Launches MOD21 Production Plant

One thousand guests, 21 unique attractions from the worlds of high-tech, VR, modules and ecology, and a panel discussion on “Building the future” highlighted the grand opening of the MOD21 factory in Ostaszewo near Toruń. ERBUD Group’s newest start-up will start production in just one month’s time and plans to produce 30,000 square metres of total module space in its first year of operation, which is expected to generate around PLN 240 million in revenue.

At the opening ceremony, numerous visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality, visit the bicycle cinema, solve a giant Jenga or Rubik’s cube, see what a building made of wooden modules looks like, or experience first-hand the production process at the MOD21 factory. President Dariusz Grzeszczak performed his role as host of the event perfectly, including riding down a zip wire suspended from the ceiling, serving dumplings and currywurst, as well as planting trees.

– We are opening an exciting new stage in the history of the ERBUD Group. Needless to say, an emotional thrill surrounds me - similar to the one from over 30 years ago, when, together with my dad -Eryk, we launched a small company: Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane i Usług Technicznych Erbud. What came later - we all probably know - a beautiful story. Today, however, we are entering the world, I have no doubt about it, of the future of construction. During the celebrations for the opening of the factory, I repeatedly heard the question: why Toruń? The answer is quite simple: it is not only a beautiful but also a fortunate place for us; as it was here that the aforementioned ERBUD or ONDE were established – explains Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of the ERBUD Group.

There are currently 70 people working at MOD21, and the number is expected to gradually increase: to 150 by the end of 2023 and 300 in 2026. – I have the comfort, uncommon in this day and age, that when opening, according to schedule, the factory everything is buttoned up to the last button. We have completed the people and equipment. We are ready to launch production as early as next year. With an almost fully automated production facility, we are able to produce 375 sq m of modules per day, guaranteeing the highest level of design compliance, the precision, and repeatability of each component – announces Theodor Kaczmarczyk, President of MOD21.

The MOD2 plant meets demanding environmental standards and is ultimately intended to be an energy-neutral and zero-emission facility. The assembly of the production line, supplied by the German company WEINMANN, a world leader in the prefabricated building material plant equipment segment, has been completed at the plant.

Ecology has long been embedded in the DNA of Poland’s leading construction group. ERBUD is committed to being a leader and trendsetter in the transformation process. One significant step in this direction is the production of wooden modular buildings. In the opinion of experts, timber construction is the most appropriate direction for achieving climate neutrality in the construction industry. The industry currently accounts for 38 percent of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The ERBUD Group is also a foremost player in the Polish RES market. In 2021, the ONDE Group, part of the ERBUD Group, exceeded the historic threshold of 3 GW of equipment capacity at all wind and photovoltaic farms implemented since the company’s inception, and the year itself was a record-breaking one in terms of RES construction: completed with 13 wind projects and 64 solar farms, with a total generation potential of almost 0.4 GW.