ERBUD - the Climate Leader

The construction tycoon took the first place in the „Liderzy Klimatyczni Polska 2022” ranking of companies that have reduced their impact on environment the most, presented in the Forbes monthly. ERBUD have achieved the highest reduction of carbon footprint, reducing its emission intensity by 61.03 % annually.

“The award received is a confirmation and appreciation of our business choices. The results of the ranking are also another hard proof of how seriously we treat pro-environmental activities in the ERBUD Group. In the modern world, as I have emphasised many times, ecology is normality, not a choice. This is the only way to be followed. All this to leave our planet in the best possible condition for the next generations. As the ERBUD Group, we care for it, demanding from ourselves. Let me remind you that in October ERBUD and its subsidiary ONDE, a leading Polish entity on the RES market, were entered into the EMAS register. At the same time, it is worth emphasising that ERBUD is the first large Polish construction company that can pride itself on this highest EU award in the field of ecology,” emphasises Dariusz Grzeszczak, Chairman of ERBUD S.A.

Ecology is an important element of the ERBUD Group's business model. “Our ambition is to become the leader of the energy transformation in this part of Europe. MOD21 focuses on the construction of large modular buildings made of wood. The development of this technology will save large amounts of CO2 emissions compared to traditional construction methods. ERBUD also builds buildings with ecological certificates - the so-called "green buildings". ERBUD Industry is renovating and changing the purpose of traditional coal-fired installations, installing the first electrode boilers in Poland. The company has completed projects related to the modernisation of desulphurisation and flue gas treatment systems in power plants and combined heat and power plants,” enumerates Jacek Leczkowski, Vice-Chairman of ERBUD S.A. responsible for the area of health and safety and the environment.

„Liderzy Klimatyczni Polska 2022” is a list of companies that have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions to the greatest extent in recent years. The ranking methodology was prepared with the support of the Statista business platform. The company's specialists analysed the available public non-financial information (social and sustainable development reports) of over 500 companies. The aim of the ranking is to draw attention to companies that are most aware of the challenges they face in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thus showing respect for the environment.