ERBUD will build a primary school in Kraków.

ERBUD S.A. signed a contract with the commune of Kraków for the design and construction of a primary school building in the Złocień estate. The contract value is PLN 24.9 million net.

The investment will be made in the "design and build" system. According to the contract, it is planned to complete the works on August 21, 2023.

ERBUD specialises in the construction of public facilities, including schools and university buildings. In September this year, students began their education at the Primary School No. 361 built by ERBUD at Ruskowy Bród Street in Warsaw's Białołęka estate. In September 2017, ERBUD completed the extension of Primary School No. 1 at Okólna Street in Marki. In turn, in January this year, the company signed a contract for the construction of the Brain laboratory and research building for the Medical University of Łódź in Łódź.

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