ERBUD will transform the historic remand centre in Krakow

The construction giant will fulfil another unique contract. It will replace the former remand centre at ul. Stefana Czarnieckiego 3 in Krakow with modern offices of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). The contract value is PLN 27.5 million net.

ERBUD has signed a contract as part of the construction project: Reconstruction, renovation and change of use of the building at ul. Stefana Czarnieckiego 3 in Krakow. IPN offices will be built on the site of the former remand centre. Constructed in 1905, the building is entered in the Krakow Monuments Register, which means that all works will be carried out under the supervision of the conservator of monuments. They include numerous recreations of characteristic elements that have become dilapidated or been damaged over the years, including pinnacles and dormers. “This is a unique project that confirms the unique competences of the ERBUD Group. Our previous projects, Hala Koszyki in Warsaw being the most prominent of them, show that we are able to revitalize historic places, adapting them to modern standards, while respecting their history. Let me remind you that this is another contract carried out for the Institute of National Remembrance. In the years 2014-2016, we built the Administration and Office Building of the Institute of National Remembrance in Lublin. We received a distinction for that project in the "DOM 2016" Competition,” reminds Jacek Leczkowski, Vice Chairman of the Management Board of ERBUD S.A.

The building of the former remand centre at ul. Czarnieckiego was constructed 117 years ago as the seat of the County Court and the Tax Office of the Podgórze Town. During the German occupation, it served as a remand centre and a place where arrested resistance fighters from Krakow, mainly members of the Home Army, were kept and tortured. Later the building was used by the communist authorities as a political prison, and from 1971 until its closure in 2018 it served as a branch of the Remand Centre. The building is closely related to the Krakow's Podgórze and its rich history. For instance, it is the place where the famous song Black bread and black coffee was written.

The contract will be performed by a team from the Rzeszów branch of ERBUD, which has rich experience in public procurement contracts.

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