GWI from the ERBUD Group will build a building for TZMO in Germany

GWI from the ERBUD Group will build a building for TZMO in Germany

GWI Bauunternehmung GmbH – 100% subsidiary of ERBUD S.A. – signed a contract worth EUR 6 million (PLN 26.5 million) with TZMO Deutschland GmbH for the construction of an administrative building in Berlin.

The construction works will start on 20 August 2020; the completion date is scheduled for 21 October 2021. ERBUD S.A. will be the subcontractor of the construction works.

“We are pleased with this cooperation; our companies have many similarities. Both ERBUD and TZMO originate from Toruń, are leaders in their industries and actively conduct business activities outside Poland,” says Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of the Management Board of ERBUD S.A.

“We established GWI GmbH in 1993 as our first foreign investment. Today, the company successfully implements large investments in Germany and is an important partner for many investors. Similarly to our partner from Toruń, TZMO S.A., we have focused our business model, among others, on geographical diversification. In 2018, we bought 100% of the shares in IVT Group in Germany. In addition to the domestic market, we are also present on the German, Belgian, French, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian markets,” says President Dariusz Grzeszczak.

“ERBUD celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, while in 2021 it will be 70 years since the establishment of the state-owned company Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych and 30 years since the establishment of the joint-stock company TZMO. We started our foreign expansion in 1996 with the establishment of the first foreign company Bella Hungaria, now TZMO Hungary. Today, TZMO Group companies are located in 18 markets worldwide: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Romania, India, USA, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus. The example of our companies shows how the Polish economy developed after 1989,” says Jarosław Józefowicz, President of the Management Board of TZMO SA

This is the first project implemented by the ERBUD Group for the company from Toruń. Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych was established in 1951. TZMO S.A. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hygienic, cosmetic and medical products, present on 80 markets.

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