Hi Piotrkowska to be the second ERBUD project transferred to CS:GO game

The tallest office building in Łódź can be seen not only in the city center, but also in the CS:GO game. It was transferred there by ERBUD Group in cooperation with Gameset agency. This is part of long-term activities carried out by the Polish construction company in esports and gaming.

Hi Piotrkowska is currently the tallest office building in Łódź. Situated in the city center, the mixed-use complex is also ERBUD Group's second project, which was transferred to the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game in cooperation with gaming and metaverse marketing agency Gameset. The first of these was the Koszyki Hall in Warsaw, which went into the virtual world in 2021. These activities are part of the previously announced plan to transfer flagship projects completed by ERBUD to the popular FPS game.

- In 2021, we made the decision to strategically enter the field of gaming and esports to refresh our brand and compete for young employees. Since then, we have consistently implemented this plan. Our current activities, including, among others, the extension of the sponsorship agreement with the University Esports EDU league and the transfer of the Hi Piotrkowska complex to the CS:GO game are just some of the several activities we are planning in this area, says Dariusz Grzeszczak, president of ERBUD Group.

The Hi Piotrkowska map in CS:GO was created with 57 unique textures and is inspired by a real landmark in Łódź. The author of the project is Mateusz “Voxel” Pacuła, one of the most popular map creators in Poland. His goal was to arrange well-known locations for the purpose of gameplay.

- We are delighted that the Hi Piotrkowska complex became part of ERBUD's award-winning project and made it into the virtual space of one of the world's most popular online games. Involvement in esports is a creative way for us to showcase the building's multifunctional space, and an opportunity for tenants to reach a new audience of technology and IT professionals, comments Karolina Majcher, director of PR and marketing at Master Management Group.

Based on photos, videos and floor plans of the building, a combination of the most characteristic spaces was created, such as the office and entertainment areas, terraces and gym. The map is available to all interested players. It can be downloaded for free from Steam Workshop and from the ERBUD Group website under the esports tab.

- The view of the building from the terrace level captures the character of the facility we built. Even at first glance, you can see that it is a reproduction of the terrace on the 19th floor of the Hi Piotrkowska complex in Łódź. Among other things, you can see there a corridor inspired by the building's characteristic lobby with six elevators, comments Marcin Gieraga, construction engineer at ERBUD Group.


Tallest building of Łódź in SC:GO

It is worth mentioning that ERBUD is the first company in the construction industry that decided to enter the world of gaming and esports. In 2021, the company became the title partner of University Esports – EDU, the largest university Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends league. In order to reach technical students and graduates, ERBUD has merged the offline and gaming worlds. Its culmination was the CS:GO tournament “Battle for Koszyki (Walka o Koszyki)”. This resulted in the first employer branding campaign based on the metaverse phenomenon.

The realization by ERBUD Group and Gameset agency received two gold Golden Clips (Złote Spinacze award), gold at the IAB MIXX Awards Europe 2022, and silver and gold at the Effie Awards Poland 2022. Early last year, meanwhile, the brand engaged the esports community to address the spelling of the word "esport" as part of the #esportpiszemyjakerbud campaign. ERBUD Group was also the first company in Poland to offer candidates for internships and apprenticeships the opportunity to conduct a recruitment interview while playing CS:GO.