Marina in Błotnik

Marina in Błotnik
Marina in Błotnik
Cedry Wielkie Commune
Date of implementation:
240 calendar days from signing the contract
Hydrotechnical Construction Branch
Hydrotechnical construction

Works scope

1. extension of floating landings with equipment (162 m) and a stand for operating a water taxi stop, and registration of floating landings;
2. expansion (widening) of the fixed landing;
3. expansion of the pumping station building and a change of its use;
4. repair and anti-corrosion protection of existing dolphins;
5. securing the fixed structure of the pier (dolphins and horizontal steel elements above the water) with flexible elements, fenders in such a way as to protect vessels;
6. construction of infrastructure: water connections, sanitary, sewage and electric systems; 7. separation of electric circuits for lighting from the circuits of electric sockets in the existing marina;
8. supply of service equipment for the building of the former pumping station, specified in the tender documentation.

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