PBDI from the ERBUD Group will start construction of the S3 section

The Lower Silesian Voivode issued a permit for a road investment (PRI) for the construction of the S3 express road on the section from Kamienna Góra to Lubawka. The section in the "Design and Build" system is carried out by PBDI S.A. - a 90% subsidiary of ERBUD S.A. - in a consortium with Mosty Łódź S.A. The contract was concluded on October 17, 2018.

The PRI issued by the voivode enables the commencement of works after the construction site has been handed over. According to the contract, it should occur within 30 days, but most likely it will occur next week. Completion of the construction works is planned for 2022. The length of the S3 section under construction is approximately 15.3 km. The total contract value is over PLN 715 million net, with the share of PBDI S.A. of 50% of this amount.

As part of the project, on the S3 section between Kamienna Góra and the border with the Czech Republic in Lubawka, the consortium will build an express road with a 2x2 lane section, as well as road junctions: Kamienna Góra North, Kamienna Góra South and Lubawka.

In addition to the reconstruction of the existing road system, network and accompanying infrastructure, the subject of the contract also provides for the construction of 12 engineering structures along the S3 road, five viaducts over the express road along local roads and 13 culverts for environmental purposes (passages for small animals and amphibians).

- We are very happy that the Lower Silesian Voivode issued the PRI and we will finally be able to start work. This is one of the largest public contracts implemented by our Group. This year, the Consortium can obtain up to PLN 50 million in revenues from this contract - says the President of the Management Board of ERBUD S.A., Dariusz Grzeszczak. - Our company, PBDI, will be responsible not only for some road works, but also, building new competences, for some engineering facilities. This is not our first cooperation with Mosty Łódź, we have already been consortium members on the construction site of the Collective Southern Road in Legnica - adds President Grzeszczak.

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