Plan B – DGS Diagnostics

Plan B – DGS Diagnostics
Plan B – DGS Diagnostics
DGS Diagnostics Sp. z o.o.
Date of implementation:
05.2021 - 11.2022
Volume m3:
92 394
Surface m2:
10 604
Industrial buildings and facilities,Offices

Works scope

Construction of a production building with a warehouse section with social and office facilities, with external installations: water, gas, sanitary sewage system, rainwater sewage system with a retention tank, firefighting water, electricity, cable line for area lighting, with on-site development equipment, a gatehouse, parking lot with internal traffic system, pumping station building and firefighting water tank, three flagpoles, bicycle shelter with a smoking space, bin shelter and pallet storage, foundations for a nitrogen tank and power generator, chemical warehouse (system container with foundation), on the plots no. 114/40, 114/41, 114/42, 114/43, 114/44, 114/45, 114/46, 114/47 in Kamieniec, commune Kołbaskowo.

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