Changes in the Management Board of the ERBUD Group

Jacek Leczkowski, long-term President of the Management Board of the company PBDI SA, being part of the ERBUD Group, has been appointed to the position of the Vice-President of ERBUD S.A. as of 02.01.2020. At the same time Józef Zubelewicz has resigned from his function as a result of approaching the retirement age. He will remain in the group structures as advisor to the Management Board. 


The ERBUD Group pursues a succession policy which is intended to protect the ERBUD Group from adverse effects which could occur due to sudden changes in the Management Board of the Company. As a result of these actions, at the turn of May and June 2019, Mr. Jacek Leczkowski left the management board of PBDI S.A., leaving it in the hands of appointed successors. Simultaneously, as of 1 June 2019, Mr. Jacek Leczkowski was appointed as a proxy of ERBUD S.A. Holding this position allowed for appropriate preparation to perform the function in the Management Board of ERBUD SA. Józef Zubelewicz has been associated with the ERBUD Group since 1999. It is to him that ERBUD owes its dynamic development on the Polish market (the company initially operated only in Germany). Józef Zubelewicz was responsible in the Group for the entire segment of the building construction, which is still the core business of the company, and the infrastructure segment. The leaving Member of the Management Board personally supervised a number of key projects completed by ERBUD over the past 20 years.


– The merits of Józef Zubelewicz for the ERBUD Group cannot be overestimated and the company owes a lot to him. President Zubelewicz has been preparing for his retirement decision for a long time. The priority for us was to find and appoint a worthy successor who would be strongly associated with the Group, enjoyed the well-deserved trust of his co-workers and could show experience in the previous positions held in the company. Finally, together with the Supervisory Board of ERBUD SA, we have decided that the best successor would be Jacek Leczkowski. – says Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of the Management Board of ERBUD S.A.


Mr. Jacek Leczkowski has been associated with the ERBUD Group since 2008. ERBUD SA then took over the company Rembet Plus, which he had founded. In 2010, as a result of the merger of Rembet Plus Sp. z o.o. with PRD S.A., which also belonged to ERBUD, the entity PBDI S.A. was established and Jacek Leczkowski took over the position of the President of the Management Board in the newly established company. 


Jacek Leczkowski has perfectly developed the engineering and road construction business in the ERBUD Group. Under his management, PBDI S.A. has become, among others, a leader in the construction of infrastructure on wind and photovoltaic farms.


Within ERBUD SA, Mr. Jacek Leczkowski will be responsible for the supervision of the building construction business in Poland and for the supervision of the Divisions: OHS, Management Systems, Legal Division and Central Procurement. 

And within the ERBUD Group, he will supervise the companies: PBDI S.A. and ERBUD Operations Sp. z o.o. 


– Jacek Leczkowski perfectly knows and understands the family character of our company. As the President of PBDI, he has repeatedly proved that values such as mutual kindness, respect, responsibility and dedication to work are close to him. I am convinced that he will replace Józef Zubelewicz well, although it will certainly not be an easy task. However, he will have the support of all of us. – says Dariusz Grzeszczak.


Formally, Józef Zubelewicz will be a Member of the Management Board of ERBUD S.A. until 31 December 2019, and Jacek Leczkowski will start working in his new position as of 2 January 2020. 


Józef Zubelewicz will remain with the ERBUD Group as an advisor to the Management Board. He will be responsible, among others, for the Group's activity in the construction of buildings abroad.