Development strategy


In short-term, the ERBUD Group will focus on:

  • being ranked Top 5 companies in the building construction segment in Poland,
  • developing new business segments, in particular those based on new technologies,
  • maintaining financial ratios declared in contracts with financial institutions,
  • increasing the scale of operations in the building construction and maintenance segment in the stable markets of Western Europe, such as

Germany and Benelux countries.
At the same time, the Group will continue to explore new expansion opportunities, both in geographical and industry-specific terms.
The achievement of the Group’s objectives should be supported by the market situation, i.e:

  • standardisation of the cost position in the Polish and German construction markets,
  • good, profitable order portfolio across the Group,
  • return to the execution of wind and photovoltaic farm projects,
  • stable position and long track record in the German, Belgian and Dutch markets.

The ERBUD Group also intends to build on its strengths, such as:

  • ERBUD’s strong brand - during 30 years of its market presence, ERBUD has gained the image of a company that executes construction investment projects taking care for investors’ satisfaction, ethically and with respect for the environment, and also meets the set deadlines and performs work within the adopted budgets and has a reputation of a reliable payer,
  • Diversified nature of activity, both segmentally and geographically, at least partially offsetting adverse impact on the results of the turmoil in individual markets,
  • knowledge of foreign markets - almost from the origins of its operation, the ERBUD Group has been operating in the German market, and the knowledge acquired in it ERBUD uses for effective expansion into other Western European markets,
  • experienced and professional staff – constant care for safety and professional development of personnel have made the Group employ competent, experienced and committed people, characterised by employment stability – many employees have been associated with ERBUD since the company was established, also foreign companies of the Group have good local staff, including managers,
  • stable financial position – characterized primarily by effective cooperation with financial institutions,
  • an experienced, committed team of senior and middle level personnel,
  • development activities and investment in the most committed personnel members – Talent Development Programme.

In 2019, the Group rebuilt capitals, which decreased as a result of the loss incurred in 2018. In the second half of the year, when the most important goal was achieved, the Management Board focused on the Group directions of further development. The priority has become to get independent from circularity of the EU aid to Poland. The first step in these activities was the acquisition of a German service provider in 2018. The very good effect of this acquisition made the Management Board of the parent company want to further expand the Group’s operations in Western European markets. Our intention is to enter into the area of new technologies.