ERBUD has obtained a contract for the construction of temporary container camps in the province of Podlaskie. The ordering party is the Military Property Agency. The total value of the works is approx. PLN 30 million.

These projects will be implemented for the needs of the newly formed Armou red Brigade and the Motorised Brigade within the structures of the 1st Legions Infantry Division. Their main goal will be to create the necessary infrastructure adapted to the movement and stationing of tanks and to provide office and staff facilities as well as barracks, sanitary and storage facilities necessary for their temporary operation. As part of the works, 142 residential containers for 300 soldiers and 8 storage containers will be built. ERBUD will also build access roads and fence the area in both locations.

“Due to the current geopolitical situation, the government announces the modernisation and expansion of the army on a huge scale. A large part of the funds will be allocated to infrastructure projects. We see here a very interesting market for us and a chance for development in yet another sector of construction”, says Jacek Leczkowski, Vice-Chairman of ERBUD. “We have experience in projects for the army – we have already completed several dozen of them. The acquired contract will expand our references and experience. This will be the starting point for creating an even stronger division in the Group's structure responsible for the military sector”, he adds.

The lead time is 3 months from the date of signing the contract. This means the camps will be ready in the first half of November this year.