ERBUD is a contractor for a multi-family building in Poznań

ERBUD S.A. signed a contract with NP 23 spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k. (Nexity group) for the construction of a multi-family building with commercial premises on the ground floor as part of the Bliski Marcelin project at ul. Jeleniogórska 14 in Poznań. The contract value is PLN 30.05 million net.

According to the contract, ERBUD shall erect a multi-family building with commercial premises and an underground car park, the necessary technical infrastructure and elements of on-site development are also part of the project.

The first stage, i.e. the demolition works, will start on October 15th and will last until December 3rd, 2020 according to the contract. The second stage will start after the contractor has received the work commencement order. The issuance of the order depends on the level of pre-sale, but according to the contract, it must take place by 7 April 2021.

The completion deadline is 20 months from the date of delivery of the work commencement order to the contractor if it takes place after the completion of the demolition works, or 21.5 months from that date if the order is delivered still during the demolition. This is another housing project executed by ERBUD in Poznań. In July 2019, the company signed a contract with Bouygues Immobilier Polska for the construction of two residential buildings as part of a construction project of Soleil de Malta. ERBUD is also the contractor for building no. 3 as part of the 2nd stage of the Zajezdnia Poznań project, commissioned by REF Eastern Opportunities. For Ogrody Różane, in turn, ERBUD has built a residential and service building at ul. Smoluchowskiego.

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