ERBUD will provide PLN 1,500,000 to help Ukrainians

PLN 2,000 in benefits and a guarantee of employment after returning to Poland for each employee from Ukraine, PLN 200,000 to the account of the Polish Humanitarian Action and a special aid fund for employees of subcontractors working on the Group's projects – these are the main items of the ERBUD aid programme for Ukrainians.

All Polish and German companies from the ERBUD Group, together with the ERBUD Foundation, unanimously decided to create a special fund intended to help Ukrainians, primarily those working for ERBUD or for its subcontractors. Their number is estimated at approx. 1,200 people.
The total amount of support is PLN 1,500,000. ERBUD has transferred PLN 200,000 to the account of the Polish Humanitarian Action, which provides aid in Ukraine. Each employee with Ukrainian citizenship will receive 2000 zlotys in benefits and a guarantee of employment after returning from Ukraine.
A special working group was established to distribute the remaining funds, chaired by Lucyna Grzeszczak, chairwoman of the ERBUD Foundation, and Józef Zubelewicz, a long-term member of the ERBUD management board. The group consists of 12 people from various business areas. It includes employees of Ukrainian origin, lawyers, psychologists and HR Business Partners who will verify the current needs of employees from all branches of the company. An information campaign in Ukrainian for workers who need help is beginning at construction sites.
ERBUD’s assistance to Ukrainians includes financing accommodation, transport from and to the border, including bringing family members to Poland. Also provided will be full psychological support, in which the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation has been specializing for years, as well as legal assistance, including services of a notary public. Later, if necessary, ERBUD will also provide assistance in finding jobs and organizing life for refugees from Ukraine. The entity responsible for carrying out the aid programme is the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation.
ERBUD encourages its investors and employees to support the programme financially.
“The amount of PLN 1,500,000 seems huge and small at the same time, because the list of needs is getting longer,” says Lucyna Grzeszczak, chairwoman of the ERBUD Foundation.

Employees from Ukraine have been working for ERBUD and in the Polish construction industry in general for years. Today they need help and support. ERBUD encourages everyone to make payments to the account of its Foundation: 84 1140 1977 0000 3058 7400 1007, reference: "Aid for Ukraine".